Roof lift to provide front and rear dormers.

We have recently undertaken a large scale construction project for a roof lift featuring cat-slide dormers to the front and rear of a beautiful property in South Cave, near Hull in East Yorkshire.

Our client wanted to utilise their loft space in order to obtain more bedrooms, therefore increasing their homes value. We were contacted requesting an initial survey to discuss suitability for their project, due to concern over lack of head height.

Upon initial inspection, the client was correct in that we didn’t have sufficient head height to utilise the loft space. We advice multiple options, ranging from a roof lift to a new floor ! Due to uncertainty from the clients requirements, we provided multiple drawings via DG Design Associates showing the different proposals. In the end we came to the conclusion that a roof light by 1.4 metres alongside front and rear cat-slide dormers was the way to go. We have since managed to obtain planning approval for the proposed scheme, of which covers all aspects of construction the client requested.

We are now looking to begin construction on this project and our client couldn’t be more excited !

Although the roof lift and dormers to the front and rear was the solution for this particular client, we also provide Velux conversions, Over the drive extensions, Hip to gable dormers, and much more !