Some of the key aspects of loft conversions

Loft conversions are the perfect alternative to spending vast sums of money on moving house altogether. We are just the company to help you explore the possibilities and develop a plan. From the initial survey, which is free, all the way through the main construction phase, we assist all our customers in managing their project. Known for our commitment and excellent results, we have earned quite the reputation around Hull and have been highly recommended to others by past clients.

Converting the loft is the way forward if you’re looking for some more space without making large changes to a property with extensions. In order to ensure that the whole process goes smoothly and is stress-free, there are a few things that you need be aware of. Pricing is the first big factor here and the variety of conversion that you choose to go with should fall in line with your available budget.

The cheapest option for most is to conduct a simple conversion that makes good use of the existing room within the loft, as opposed to building out from the roof. If you have a bit more money to spend however, the most costly option is a mansard conversion. This runs the house’s entire length and alters your roof to make it more vertical in terms of shape.

Ceiling height also plays a large part in the design and uses of the new space. In order to put a loft conversion into practice, the distance between the ceiling and floor has to be 2.2m minimum at the tallest area. If the loft doesn’t have this much height it may be worth considering changing the roof or lowering the flooring. We can conduct measurements for you to get an idea of what will work best if you wish.

At Loft Con, we will go above and beyond to make certain that your vision comes to fruition. After we’ve completed everything, our team shall clean up all the dust and leftovers so that your new space is left looking absolutely spotless. When it comes to loft conversions in Hull it is no wonder we are one of the most highly regarded specialists; our attention to detail and professionalism really set us apart.

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