Start a new hobby with a dedicated room

At Loft Con, we have helped many people to create new space in their home. Completing loft conversions Hull loves, we have assisted people with all sorts of different needs. Whether you are looking at a conversion for a specific reason or aren’t sure what you will use it for, we can help you.

A hobby room

If you want some extra space and aren’t sure how to use it yet, why not take up a new hobby? There are many people who don’t do their hobby enough because they say that they don’t have the space, but you can make a dedicated area the way you want it.

You may be into music, crafts, video games or anything. Therefore, it is best to create a space that fits your tastes. We can carry out an array of conversions, and also add in staircases that match what is already there. All the work that we carry out is with the law in mind, to ensure that it is the highest quality and safe for use.

There are so many things you can turn a loft space into:
– A games room
– A recording studio
– A home cinema
– An office or study
– A workshop

These are only a few ideas.

Our expert team will work with you to check suitability for the project as well as working on any drawings at your convenience. We work around you to ensure that you get something you love.

The great thing about dealing with us is we offer ongoing support throughout the whole project. This is important because issues can arise even with great planning. With our assistance you can overcome any concerns, whether it is an issue securing permission, organising labour, or ordering materials.

Loft Con has lots of knowledge and experience developed over the years we have been operating. We’re the company specialising in loft conversions Hull relies on. Get in touch at [email protected] to discuss ideas to access the full potential of your space.