The best way to counter low headroom with loft conversions

Loft conversions are the perfect approach to take if you are in need of more space but simply do not have the time or funds necessary to move house. Specialising in a plethora of methods, our company is one that seeks to offer you the most appropriate conversion for your particular situation. With a team that always works to a high standard, it is no surprise we are the number one for loft conversions Hull has.

When properties don’t possess the adequate amount of standing room in the already existing loft, a roof lift conversion is what you need. Over the past seven years, raising a roof has become far more popular since property prices are rising. This has resulted in more people looking to optimise what they own already by converting the loft.

If a loft conversion is something you are considering but the headroom you have falls beneath 2.1 metres, a roof lift can be your saviour. The procedure of raising the roofline is to manufacture a new roof to a greater pitch, altering the profile that is present and expanding the pitch to a better height. Normally, the external gables are either built up in brickwork to match with the property or are built up in studwork using tiles to blend in with the roof’s colour.

In terms of where this conversion is most suitable, they are primarily used on detached bungalows and houses. On some occasions however, adjusting the pitch is doable on semi-detached homes, providing that the roofline be at a higher level than the adjacent property.

At Loft Con the disturbance caused by our roof lifts is no greater than that which results from a dormer extension, even though there’s roughly 20% more work involved. Once the final product takes form, you’ll have a massive roof space to use for new rooms.

If you are looking at loft conversions but are worried about space you can trust us to find a solution for you.