The importance of fire doors in a loft conversion

If you find yourself in need of room but aren’t certain how to go about obtaining it, then a loft conversion might be something you’ll want to consider. Having provided loft conversions in Hull for many years now, our team of professionals is one you can rely on if you decide it is an opportunity you would like to pursue. Realistically priced and constructed with care and attention, our lofts should be your first choice.

The regulations surrounding fire doors in loft conversions are very strict and they have been altered time and again to reflect up to date requirements. The last substantial change occurred back in 2007 and even in today’s world the new rules are still catching homeowners out. One of the most noticeable changes was that whenever someone converts their loft, most, if not all of the doors has to be an up to date fire door.

Before these alterations keeping your old doors was permissible since they came with self-closers. However, the authorities adopted the view that doors with self-closing characteristics were wedged open quite often. Therefore, they opted to change the ruling.

Due to these newer safety regulations, doors that face the designated escape path from the conversion have to be fire resistant for around 20 minutes standard. Contrary to what is believed by a substantial number of people, these doors have to be implemented regardless of whether the roof has an escape window. Having to include fire doors may seem like an undesired expense to some, but they really should be factored into the budget given that they are literal lifesavers.

At Loft Con health & safety is something we take very seriously when working on a project for our clients. Rules and regulations surrounding such things like fire safety exist for a reason and we are 100% committed to following them.

If you want a loft conversion in Hull, we are the people to call. Our team can create the perfect design to suit any kind of property.