There are many different design options for converting your loft

Converting a loft into usable living space is a practical measure that can add real value to your home. There are so many opportunities in terms of the things you can do with the additional room that you can redefine your property and make a big return on your investment. As well as the financial benefits, you can also save yourself from having to move if you need more floor space; this means you don’t need to go through the process of finding a new home, moving and getting it how you want it.

What you can do with the loft will largely depend on the size and shape of the space, the type of roofing, your budget and the design you have in mind. Many lofts can be converted without making any alterations to the shape of the roof; all that needs to be added is unobtrusive windows. When you don’t make any changes to the exterior of the property you can usually do the work without having to get planning permission. On the other hand if you’re building a gable or dormer you may find you need to get consent to do so as it will alter the aesthetics of the property and change the impact it has on the surrounding environment.

Whatever option you choose for the shape of the loft it is important that you get the internal design right. The loft can be used for any number of things, be it an extra bedroom, a play room, an additional bathroom or a home office. Each option will have their own challenges that you’ll need to overcome with the designs. With bathrooms for example you’ll need to think about the plumbing and how you’ll get suitable water pressure. In terms of bedrooms and office you’ll have to consider furnishings and how you can maximise the space.

One of the biggest things to consider is how you’ll access the new room. You could decide to have a permanent staircase added or choose a retractable ladder if you don’t have the space. There are many different options to choose from so you can go for the one that is best for your needs and those of the property as a whole.

Whatever your needs it is important to consult a specialist to finalise the design and ensure you can do what you want. We specialise in loft conversions in Hull and Beverley, offering all clients a first rate service from start to finish.