Think about the amount of room and the proportions

Ours is a team of skilful experts that wants nothing more than to give customers top tier results. We are the leading company specialising in loft conversions Hull has. We help you to expand your space without making you pay unnecessarily large prices for it.

If you have not had experience of a loft conversion before, chances are you are looking for some tips and ideas. We have plenty to give. With our insight, you will have everything necessary to plan the ultimate project.


Loft conversions HullTo begin with, you should determine whether your small loft has enough room for the project. Make sure you do this if you are focusing on smaller scale ideas. Those lofts possessing a base head height of 2.3m are typically best for conversion. Other obstacles like water tanks and chimneys can affect this decision. The roof’s pitch can as well.

Your roof space could be below 2.3m. If it is, don’t give up on the conversion because there are other options. For instance, you could remove the roof or build up parts of it to get the headspace. You can lower the ceilings of the rooms below too.

Focus on that snug feeling

Go with design ideas that embrace the conversion’s proportions as well. For projects that are on the smaller side, take advantage of that snug feeling that comes with compact spaces.

Anyone going for a light coloured scheme should consider white. This can make your room feel lighter and bigger. Ensure that you balance everything out however to stop it from becoming overly clinical. Pair the white with the occasional soft furnishing in a deeper shade as well as some warm woods. This way, the room will feel welcoming and cosy.

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