What do you need to consider with a loft conversion?

When you give us a call, we can discuss the details of the loft conversions Hull residents love. With our help you can create the space that your home has been missing, therefore making it perfect for your needs. It could become a bedroom for a growing family or somewhere to relax.


The majority of spaces will be able to undergo a conversion. This is sometimes with the addition of other work so you can make it suitable. An example could be a roof lift to create more headroom so that you can convert your space. Alternatively, if you are looking to add in a bathroom, you need the right plumbing in place.


Many people think of loft spaces as dark and dingy. This is far from what it can be when you begin a conversion project with the help of a professional team. We can help you get the access to light you are looking for such as through the use of Velux windows. These make the space feel bigger with a lot of character and an abundance of sunlight.

Dormer windows are another option. They are classic and offer great views as well as unique characteristics. You may need planning permission for them though as they change the aesthetics of the building.


Safe access to your new loft space is essential. Therefore you will need a staircase. This should match the rest of your home and ideally connect to your existing stairs. It needs to comply with building regulations and must be high quality.

At Loft Con, we take care of numerous aspects of the conversion from design to final finishes. This includes helping sort out planning permission and other requirements that you might need such as a party wall agreement.

Our work will leave you with one of the best loft conversions Hull could hope to ask for. Give us a call if you want to learn more about how we can provide you with your dream space.