What you need to consider about energy saving with a loft conversion

When people want to increase the amount of living space in their home, converting the attic is a great option. As the top name for loft conversions Hull offers, we can manage the whole project for you. A conversion is incredibly popular and will allow you to make the most of your property’s potential.

Loft conversions can be about more than space. This is a project that offers the perfect chance to deal with the energy efficiency of your home. You can take this time to install high performance LED lights and more.

A step past regulations

Any loft conversion needs Building Regulations approval. This is the responsibility of the home owner but professionals can help you with the process.

An important example of Building Regulations is energy efficiency. This is based on U-value, a calculation to minimise heat loss. Regulations state that you need 0.18W/m2 or lower.

The easiest way to minimise heat loss is through insulation in areas like between and underneath rafters. You can speak to loft conversion companies about installing more insulation than the minimum for regulation approval. By increasing how much you have, you keep your loft safe from extreme temperatures. In addition you will lower energy bills and enjoy better sound proofing.

What else to think about?

When insulating a loft, it is worthwhile installing high performance energy efficient windows. For example, A+ rated double glazing can significantly reduce your energy bill and allow for a warmer space. They also bring less build up of condensation and fantastic noise-proofing.


Loft conversions HullLights make up approximately 15% of an average annual electric bill. As a result of this, you should take this time when converting the loft to consider what you use for lighting. Did you know that you can save £35 when you replace existing bulbs with LED equivalents? They last a very long time and are a great choice.

If you work with us we will ensure your project is perfect. We offer loft conversions Hull property owners can choose to create more space that is very energy efficient. When done right, you can make an amazing improvement to your home through a conversion.

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