What’s putting you off starting your loft conversion?

As the providers of the loft conversions Hull loves, we know big work like this can take a lot of thought. This includes deciding whether to actually have it done. Doubt is normal but we are here to help you. Not only do we provide you with the information you need, but we also outline the benefits and offer continuous support through the design and construction.

Would It Cost Too Much?

A surprising number of people assume a conversion would be too costly without looking into it in detail. We would be more than happy to discuss prices with you through a free survey. Projects like this range drastically in price due to the different sizes, types and other contributing factors. When you rely on us, we help keep you within your budget. This allows you to end up with a building that has a higher property value, space you will love, and no hidden fees.

What Steps Are There?

With a project like this, there are a number of steps to complete. Despite this it isn’t difficult or full of obstacles to overcome. Rather than arranging it on your own, you should go through a trustworthy company like us. We will ensure the design meets building regulations and gets planning permission. This is as well as helping you obtain a Party Wall Agreement if you need it and providing the right documentation. So long as you approach it the right way, going through specialists will make it go smoothly.

How To Avoid The Mess?

There is no denying the mess that comes from home renovation projects. However, this doesn’t have to be a concern as there are various solutions. The first of these is protection, as dust sheets help avoid the spread of dirt. Another way is to go through a reputable team like ours who will clean up afterwards.

Will There Be A Lot Of Disruption?

The timing of a project will depend on the type of work that you require but we can discuss this with you. Regardless though, we never fail to work with quality as a main goal while providing a swift completion. To make sure that there is minimal disturbance during this time, we use an external scaffold as the main entry point. You won’t have to deal with workers in your home for weeks. Your house will still be accessible and we can discuss the work schedule to fit around your needs.

Loft Con would be more than happy to help dispel your worries and concerns. Get started and arrange one of the premier loft conversions Hull loves today. From start to finish we ensure you have the best service.