Why convert your loft??

In recent years property prices have risen – many growing families are anxious to provide enough room for their children, but do not wish to relocate to a new area. One way of maximising the space in your home is through a loft conversion.

A loft conversion is the perfect way to create a larger living area in your property – whether this is for a play-room, bathroom or extra bedrooms. Not only does this free up unused space in your property, but it also adds a value to your house that far exceeds the cost of the work.

Building an extension means that you have to sacrifice space in your garden, alongside paying for costly building materials such as stone, brick and concrete as well as dealing with planning permissions. Putting a loft conversion into your property saves you money and can give you an equivalent amount of space.

Minimum disruption of your family life

LCS of Beverley do their utmost to cause as little disruption as possible to you and your families lives during the build.

  • Disturbance – It is generally around 2 weeks after starting work that the joiners will begin to knock through from the loft, so up until this date everything is done externally. When that does happen, this includes clearing up all the dirt and debris produced created by the installation process, covering all surfaces with dust sheets and keeping internal doors closed. We also install a key safe outside your house, for you to keep a key in, with a code only you and the builders know so that keys don’t have to be hidden around the property. This keysafe is left on your property after the joiners leave, when you are able to change the code.
  • Noise – We only work during the normal building hours as stipulated by the local council. This means we generally start at 8am in the morning and continue working till 4.30pm in the late afternoon, allowing you to enjoy your evenings in your home.
  • Timescales – On average our system takes around 6 weeks to install. For example we recently installed a 50m² loft conversion that took in 2 bedrooms and a bathroom and a large staircase. This was completed in the best part of 7 weeks.