Your guide to loft conversion jargon

The loft conversions Hull loves are a great way to make the most out of the space in your property. If you are new to the concept, you won’t be familiar with certain words and terms but there is no need to worry. We support you throughout the process to ensure that you fully understand everything that is going on. This includes answering any of your questions.


This is a type of conversion with windows that protrude out of the roof. The popularity of this style is due to the ease of building and low costs. In addition is the fact that they’re suitable for most properties and because rear facing jobs rarely require planning permission. The dormer acts as a miniature extension with somewhere to let in lots of light whilst improving the aesthetics of your property.

Permitted Development

A lot of houses will have an allowance for developments. This means that you can complete work like extensions and conversions without planning permission. You can then save time and hassle by not having to run it past your local council.


This conversion keeps the shape of the room the same. It will involve the installation of Velux roof lights and Building Regulations Approval. A conversion like this is a great way to add on usable and valuable space to your property. It also causes the slightest change to the exterior of the building.

Party Wall Agreement

If your home is semi detached or a terrace, you will share a wall with a neighbour. Because of this you need a formal agreement to get their consent. It makes sure that any work will not damage their property in the process.


This is the measurable gradient of the slope of the roof. It is important to calculate this when converting a loft space to know whether it is suitable or not.

Whether you need more information or want to get started, reach out to Loft Con. We would love to provide you with whatever help you require. This will allow you to receive one of the amazing loft conversions Hull loves.